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What is UniSniper?

UniSniper is a sniper bot for PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. Its primary function is to buy tokens as soon as they're added to the PancakeSwap, and sell the tokens later for profit.
It's often also called PancakeSniper or BSC sniper bot.

Industry leading advanced features.

Mempool Scanning

Bot sees liquidity transaction before it's confirmed. Thanks to this, the bot can place a buy order in the same block leading to zero seconds delay between buy & liquidity transactions.


Tweak multiple settings to meet your desired results. Code is open, so you can seen exactly what is going on. You can even edit it or add new features.


A set of features that help UniSniper to get around anti-bot systems that otherwise could degrade its effectiveness or even lose you money.

Auto Take Profit

Immediately sell tokens after X amount of profit is made.


Dominate the market

UniSniper is the most advanced sniper bot for PancakeSwap BSC on the market used by the biggest whales in the industry. Our bot been field-tested by our userbase who are really satisfied with the results our bot provides them. Don't hesitate and be one of the first to buy newly listed tokens.


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It does not matter whether the market is falling or not. There are hundreds of new projects launched every single day and you can make money from each of them just by hopping on early.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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UniSniper is a sniper bot for PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. Its primary function is to buy tokens as soon as they're added to the PancakeSwap.
It's often called Pancakesniper or BSC sniper bot.

Sniper bots (or “snipe bots”) are automated bots that monitor time-based activity and submit information at the very last moment, removing the opportunity for other people to respond to that action.
BSC sniper bot (PancakeSwap sniper bot) is used to buy tokens as soon as they are added to the PancakeSwap DEX. With the bot, user can buy tokens before anyone else for a lower price and sell the tokens later for profit

There are multiple setting that can be changed, here is a few of them:
  • Value to buy - Value in BNB you want to buy with
  • Liquidity value - Value in BNB bot triggers buy order. This is used to prevent "fake liquidity" scenarios, where only small amount of liquidity is added, which triggers bots to buy tokens for insanely high price, leading to money loss.
  • % profit return - Used for auto selling tokens after % of profit is made.
  • Buy mode - Bot can use different "tactics" to place a buy order. One mode can be more effective than others. It depends on your setup and you have to test what works the best for you.

Bot software is written in JavaScript and requires NodeJS to run. NodeJS can be installed on both Windows and Mac without any problem.

As bot needs to make transactions. It uses private key to sign transactions. You can export private key from MetaMask or any other wallet. Detailed instructions are in our manual.
Don't worry, we won't steal your wallet. Bot does not communicate with any 3rd party service, it only connects to Web3 provider. The bots source code is open to read, so you can check what funcions are called and make sure we are not using your private key to anything else.

We currently only accept crypto payments in BNB. Payments are automatically processed and within 5 minutes you have access to the bot files.


List of the main features:
  • Mempool scanning - scans blockchain for incomming unconfirmed transactions
  • Liquidity value checker - Bot will place buy order only if the value of added liquidity is higher or equal than the set value
  • Auto profit - Sell tokens immediately as soon as profit threshold is met
  • Approve token - approve token for trading without the need of laggy PancakeSwap UI
  • Instant Buy & Sell - Buy and Sell your tokens without the need of laggy PancakeSwap UI
  • Multiple Buy modes - Choose from different buy modes. One buy mode can be more effective than the other. It depends on your setup. You need to test what works the best for you.

You have different modes to chose from.
  • Buy - Immediately buy tokens and wait for X amount of profit, then sell tokens (used to bypass laggy PancakeSwap interface)
  • Sell - Immediately sell tokens immediately (used to bypass laggy PancakeSwap interface)
  • Snipe - Look for add liquidity transactions and buy as soon as liquidity is added, and wait for X amount of profit, then sell tokens
  • Approve - Approve tokens for trading (this is needed if you plan to sell tokens)
  • Profit - Same as the first mode, except it does not buy, but only waits for X amount of profit, then sells tokens

Yes, there is a mode to approve token for trading.

The performance and effectiveness of the bot are highly dependent on the blockchain node you are connected to, and the internet connection of a computer where the bot is running. The quicker / more up-to-date node and lower latency internet connection, the higher the chance of your transaction being processed and confirmed in the same block as the add liquidity one. WiFi can significantly raise the latency and lower the throughput of your connection, thus significantly lowering the effectiveness of the bot. Wired connection is recommended.
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